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dormire sotto le stelle
igloo umbria casale mille soli

Sleep under the starry sky, for a fabulous night

Falling asleep under the starry sky is the dream of all those who love to daydream, feeling part of the infinite. That feeling of deep peace, without borders, where there are no ceilings and walls, where there is no distance between you and nature. A transparent igloo for great dreamers, who like to sleep, detaching themselves from the "world". All this, at Casale MilleSoli is possible! An experience of Emotional Ecotourism, surrounded by nature, surrounded by ancient oaks overlooking the hills, face to face with the moon, where you will feel protected and welcomed by the surrounding environment. 


Important information: the experience "sleeping under the stars" is additional to the overnight stay in a double room with private bathroom. The total cost of the room + igloo for one night is indicated in the booking. Where the reservation is available for more than one night, the system will only calculate 1 night in the igloo which you will report in preference between the notes. The igloo is only available for a maximum of 2 people from 8.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m. and from April to October. The igloo is located 180 meters from the property, on the edge of the forest, isolated and surrounded by nature. It is equipped with bed, sheets, blankets, mosquito net, and torch. It does not have a bathroom, water and electricity. At any time you can return to your room within the structure. Before accessing the igloo you will be asked to sign a liability release.

"The stars will make you from the ceiling and the dawn will be your alarm"

"If you look at the sky and stare at a star, if you feel shivers under your skin, do not cover yourself, do not look for warmth, it's not cold but it's just love", Kahili Gibran.









Casale MilleSoli - Strada Mugnano Poggio Montorio -  06132  Perugia, Umbria​ tel + 39 333 5930973


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