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Sleep under the starry sky, for a fabulous night

Falling asleep under the starry sky is the dream of all those who love daydreaming, feeling part of the infinite. That feeling of deep peace, without borders, where there are no ceilings and walls, where there is no distance between you and nature. A transparent igloo for great dreamers, who love to sleep away from the "world". An experience of Emotional Ecotourism, immersed in nature, surrounded by centuries-old oaks overlooking the hills, face to face with the moon, where you will feel protected and welcomed by the surrounding environment.


Book The Igloo under the stars - Important information: read carefully the details before booking


A unique experience where Nature and Adventure meet: sleeping in a tent suspended among the olive trees, under a blanket of stars. Fall asleep comfortably lying down to experience a "tree camping" experience. Sleeping outdoors floating in the air, for the pleasure of waking up surrounded by the scent and coolness of the trees, in a tent that sways like a flying bed. Leaving your fixed points, you change your point of view, "losing the ground under your feet" and raise your level of life, observing the landscape in a transparent tent where your heart suspended in the air beats differently, it is more free.


Book the Tree Tent - Important information: read the details carefully before booking

Casale MilleSoli - Strada Mugnano Poggio Montorio -  06132  Perugia, Umbria​ tel + 39 333 5930973


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